Land Moss to Aquarium

Moss is one of the most interesting plants for aquariums. It is very easy to maintain at the same time very easy to propagate. It does not need any special lighting for its survival. Today I am going to share with you my experiment with land moss.

One day I was walking in my back yard and noticed some green patch. It was not grass and looked out of place and something algae. Upon close inspection it looked like moss which I had in my aquarium.  It got my curiosity so I scraped some from the ground and tried to wash all the dirt from it. There were no visible roots to it as was the case with my moss in the aquarium.

Land Moss
Land Moss

Since I was not able to get all the mud from it, I left it soaked in the water for couple of days. I made sure that the bottle was under regular LED lamp for about ten hours. I left it there for about two days. Then I took it out and washed it again. I checked it properly and there were no signs of stress or yellowing of the moss. So now I took a small piece of the moss and attached it to a river lock using plastic mesh. I placed this moss on the river rock in one of my aquariums.

This has thrived in there and grown so much that I had to trim it and now I have so much growth from it that I had to move the moss cuttings to a separate bottle.


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