How to take care of Java Moss.

Today I am going to talk about Java Moss care. It is one of the easiest plant to take care of and the best friend of a newbie to aquarium field.

What is Java Moss

Java Moss belongs to Hypnaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia. It is one of the most widely used plant in aquariums due to its ease of care and is very hardy plant. It clings to various surfaces so it is easily grown on rocks, pebbles, drift wood etc in the aquariums. Java Moss is very easy to maintain.

Java Moss grows outside and found by river banks, moist rocks and even on moist brick walls. It also grows easily underwater. It is used as foreground plant in aquariums or as a carpet plant. You can make underwater bonzai tree using Java Moss.

Benefits of using Java Moss in an aquarium

Java Moss not only adds colour to your aquarium but it also helps to:

  • reduce nitrates
  • reduce nitrites
  • oxygenate the water
  • Reduce algae growth

Lights for Java Moss

Java Moss care does not need any special lighting. It will florish in regular light. I have personally tried regular bulb, foresence light and LED lights. The results were great with all of them. I have not done a comparative study but overall I did not see any difference. Although it grows faster with brighter light, CO2 and fertilizers but it comes with a disadvantage of algae. Yes if you have too bright light then it will grow faster and you will also see algae growth on it.

I personally have all my tanks planted but I do not use CO2 or fertilizers. My tanks are made to mimic the nature with appropriate temprature, water flow and plants. I will write about them in the future.

Water Temperature for Java Moss

This plant is native to Southeast Asia and it thrives in tropical climate. Hence it loves the water temprature of 21 to 24 degrees Celcius (70 to 75 degrees Farenheit).

Trimming Java Moss

Since Java Moss is fast growing hardy plant, it needs to be taken care of by trimming it. If it’s left unattended can overgrow and the looks of the aquarium could be like a jungle instead of an aquarium.

The best way to do this is by using sissors and siphon at the same time. This way you are able to get most of the cuttings out of the aquarium. The cuttings outside the aquarium can be left immersed in water where it will grow. Make sure there is light for at least 8 hours a day for it to grow and thrive.

Taking care of Java Moss

Taking care of Java Moss is very easy. Once you get the moss (by mail or if you are getting from your local aquarium store) just attach it to the river rock, pebble or drift wood. Then immerse it in the water. The fish will also love it and it will enhance the look of your aquarium.

Once in the aquarium, make sure there is some light for at least eight hours a day. Now you have the planted aquarium to brag about. This will help to reduce small amounts of nitrates from the water and also absorbs some harmfull nutrients which encourage algae growth.

Don’t forget to trim the Java Moss occasionally to keep the look of your aquarium fresh.

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