How to take care of Aquarium Plants

Today we are going to look at the topic of aquarium plants care. I am going to focus on freshwater aquarium plants.

Benefits of the aquarium plants

Plants in an aquarium not only enhance the look of the aquarium but it also helps to establish balanced Eco system in it and provide many benefits to your fish. By adding plants to the aquarium, we are trying to duplicate the nature.

What about artificial plants?

Some people add artificial plants to their tanks. This may be visually good, but it has fewer benefits than the live plants. I also heard from some hobbyist who have tried the artificial plants, that it takes time to clean the plants during the water change as there is a lot of algae sticking to the surface of these plants.

Natural is better

I prefer natural stuff in my aquariums anyways. In most of my tanks I don’t even have a filter. Some day I will write details of how I accomplish this. Today we are going to talk about Aquarium Plants Care.

Basics of aquarium plants care

Aquarium Plants care is not as hard as some people think. Follow some basic steps and you are on your way to have a planted aquarium which you will love and your fish will thank. Here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Select the plants suited to the kind of aquarium you have
  • Select the plants which are suitable to the kind of fish you have
  • When buying plants, you need to know what kind of substrate is suitable for them
  • Lighting is another factor to look at as well
  • Don’t forget that some plants require pruning

Some plants suggestion for beginners:

There are quite a few types of plants which anyone can grow in their aquariums. Here is a short list of them:

Java Moss:                                           Java moss

It is a great plant to use as carpet, front or back of aquarium or even to make a bonsai tree. This also provides microscopic food for shrimps.

Java Fern and Amazon Sword: Java Fern   Amazon Sword

These are easy to maintain plants and provides great hiding place for the fish.

Anubias Nana and Dwarf Sagittaria:

These are medium-sized plants and also easy to take care of.


I   hope that this short article shows that its easy to have plants in your aquarium. You can propagate these plants in your aquariums easily and can have fun in creating your own aquascape master pieces.


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