5 Best Aquarium Fish

So, you decided to have an aquarium and now thinking “what is the best aquarium fish for it?”. The most popular is the 10 gallons aquarium. It is manageable and is suitable for many kinds of fish. You can place it on a countertop or a side table. Let us look at some of the fish which will be easy to maintain and add the beauty to your tank.

  1. Guppy  This is one of the fish which is very easy to maintain. They are readily available at most aquarium stores. They are great for beginners and are liked by many aquarium hobbyists.


They are very peaceful and live in planted and community tanks with no issues. They thrive well in the planted tanks with hardy plants such as Java Fern and Java Moss.

Guppies are live bearers and very easy to breed. Unless you are planning to breed, make sure you have only male or females in the tank. If you want to breed then make sure that you have another tank ready for the frys as the guppies tend to eat their frys.

It’s easy to distinguish between male and female. Male has more colourful and larger tail. It also has elongated anal fin as opposed to a short or fan shaped anal fin in the female guppy.


  1. Celestial Pearl Danio             This is another one of the best aquarium fish and easy to maintain. It was discovered in 2006 and has taken the aquarium industry with a storm. It is commonly known as Galaxy Rasbora.

Celestial Pearl Danio

They are peaceful and have very vibrant colours which make them not only popular among the new hobbyists but they add a different level of beauty to the fish tank.

They are schooling fish and prefer well planted aquarium. They are active and always moving around in the lower part of the tank.

Celestial Pearl Danio males show more vibrant colours on their tails and are slim. The females are slightly rounded and colours are little dull as compared to the males.


  1. Neon Tetras     Neon Tetras are also known as Neon fish. They were first discovered in Amazon jungles back in 1934. These fish are known for it’s dazzling colours and energetic temperament.

Neon Tetra

Neon fish thrives in well planted tanks along with driftwood and rocks. This kind of environment replicates their natural habitat of Amazon jungle rivers.

These are schooling fish and can be put 10 of them together in the 10 gallon tank if that’s all you are going to keep in there.


4. Black Molly     This is also called short finned or molly. This is a hardy fish which can adapt to survive from fresh water to saltwater with gradual acclimation.

Black molly

Black Molly are easy to care for as long as the tank is kept clean. There should be a weekly water change of 10 percent.

These are of peaceful nature and a great fish to keep in a community tank. They live peacefully with other fish mates.

Black Molly is a live bearer. So be wary of few things if you are going to have them. First make sure you have two to three females to each male Black Molly. Otherwise the female Molly will be harassed by the male. Keep similar ratio if you have more than one male Molly. Else the males will fight. Lastly make sure that when Molly gives birth, take the babies out to a separate nursery as the Mollies tend to eat them.


  1. Goldfish I am sure you have heard this name before and have seen them in aquariums. These are one of the most common and famous fish in aquarium field.


They are no doubt very easy to maintain and their colours are very attractive. Gold Fish breed varies in body shape, size, fin configuration and colours.

Goldfish are not live bearers and they lay eggs. The female lays eggs on the leaves of the plants.


Take away:    Keeping fish is a very satisfying hobby. You can sit and watch your fish swimming around the tank for hours (I love doing it). If you can handle little physical work, then it is a greatly rewarding hobby. As I have given the details on 5 different fish above, you can select anyone or two for your tank.

Make sure you are doing the regular water change and trimming the plants to keep the look attractive and fresh.

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5 thoughts on “5 Best Aquarium Fish”

  1. Hey Azim,

    Great article. I have a young nephew who’s birthday is coming up soon. He has asked his Dad if he can get a fish(s) for his birthday so I am going to forward this article onto him as I think it would be helpful.

    Very informative and really enjoyed reading about the different species of fish.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  2. I have seen most of these fish befoe in people tanks and have kept most of them myself. I was however unfamiliar with the Celestial Pearl Danio, probably because I haven’t kept fish since I was a child. Do you say they prefer lots of vegetation? Is this because they eat it? What do they eat? Can you feed them all the same type of food?

    1. Celestial Pearl Danio are schooling fish and should be kept in groups. I add plants and vegetation to mimic the nature and provide oxygen and there are other benefits. As for their food, they are not very fussy. They eat regular flake food, color flakes and tropical granules. They also like to eat live or frozen food. Give these as treats only.
      Hope this answers your question.
      Thanks for your inquiry.


  3. Hi Azim, As I said in your post Aquarium without filter that I will look for more information because I want to start my own aquarium. In this post I liked the Guppy, Celestial Pearl Danio and Goldfish. Gold fish I liked it long time ago before I was discouraged buy the long checklist for the aquarium, and I still wish to have it. But now about the other I understand that are easy to own and take care of them, but as I had chosen this three types, can they be able to live in one tank?
    What are the precautions that I must have if they can live in one tank?
    I hope you’ll be able to have a checklist for beginer’s guide, in owning my own aquarium. Thanks for this informative article, again “I am going to own my own Aquarium” I will let you know when I start and when I am finished.

    1. I am glad that I am able to help and encourage someone to start a fish tank. I am almost done with the new article about how to setup a fish tank for beginners. Keep an eye out for it.

      The beginner fish I have mentioned in my article are calm fish and all of them can live in a single tank called a community tank. The only exception will be beta males. If you add more than one beta males they can fight each other. Some fish also try to nibble on their tails. So all the fish you mentioned are good to go in a community tank.


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