Growing Hornwort

Hornwort is one of the easiest plants to grow in aquarium. I had this plant for the longest time in my tanks. It needs no special care. It survives in low lighting and is grows amazingly fast. I have a video on how fast this plant grows on YouTube, which you can watch here:

Do before you plant Hornwort

Before you put this plant into your aquarium, you need to think of couple of things:

If you bought it from a reputable store, most probably it is clean and ready to be introduced into your aquarium.

If you bought it from an individual, then it is better to wash it thoroughly before you put it into your aquarium. The reason behind this is that sometimes it may have snail eggs attached to it. These may germinate in your tank and you may not need them. The kind of snails I got were growing exponentially. Here is a picture of my Hornwort with snails. If you know the name of this snail then please let me know in the comments area.

Unwanted Hitch hiker snail
Unwanted Hitch hiker snail

How to grow Hornwort in an aquarium


This plant is amazingly easy to plant and grow in aquariums. It can be grown in two ways.

First and the easiest way to grow this in aquarium is to float it. I have been doing it personally for past few years with great success. Below you can see the picture of one of my tanks with overgrown Hornwort.

The other option to grow this plant is to tie it down. If I need a tall plant for the background of my aquarium. then I will tie it to an object like aquarium stone or even seashells.

I am writing the information from my own experience and learning from various sources. Please leave a comment below or if you have a question. I will get back to you within 24 hours.